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Business and Human Resources Consulting Services

Our goal is to:

  • Assist Corporations to set up their business by offering an effective business consulting solution, integrating best practices, business knowledge, and proven alternatives to building up the proper operational and administrative infrastructure, allowing our customers to focus on their core business
  • Provide recommendations based on the GHCS' accumulated experience in establishing policies and procedures that had helped other organizations in their businesses.

Value Proposition: Implement an extensive business analysis on:

  • Different ways to establish and conduct your business.
  • Select the best option taking into consideration: Corporate Image, Operational Efficiency, Financial Strategy, Immigration Strategy and Risk Management.
  • The best alternative for Human Resources availability.
  • Definition of Operational and Administrative Policies and Procedures.
  • Definition of Human Resources Policies and Procedures.
  • Definition of appropriate and competitive Compensation Schemes.
  • Assessment on Contractual Agreements and Corporate Liabilities and insurances (Risk Management)

GHCS counts with a strong network of business specialists allowing us to enhance our Consulting Services solutions and implementations.